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About Me

●Hi, my name is Belinda Mottershead. I currently live in Scotland, UK.  I am married and we have four children and one granddaughter.
My hobbies include, hiking, cycling, family time and creative writing.


I have a T.E.F.L. Qualification (Teaching English as a Foreign Language).

I have been an online English Teacher for over 4 years.

I am co-owner of Football Frenzy Soccer School Malta, where I have successfully worked as a coach along with my husband Jon for twenty years. 

I have taught Online English to over 3500 students and worked at a Private School in Malta for four years.

●I have written several articles for the Times Of Malta newspaper.

●I have written and published my own book called Great White Fear.

Teaching style

● I love free talk ! I think natural conversation is a great way of learning English. Ultimately, most people want to be able to have a natural conversation and I’d love to help you get there !

● As well as free talk, Grammar is very important.  I will prepare lots of different lessons based on different grammar rules. 

●  I’d be happy to help out with any important presentations etc!

My teaching material

● Quizzes

● Flashcards

● Images / Text / Videos / Audio

● Presentation

and many more …

Thank you for reading my profile. I love teaching English and I use fun, power-point presentations to bring classes to life. I keep them informative but easy to follow with additional videos, pictures and details. I encourage interactive lessons and will always tailor lessons to suit individual requirements. 
I hope to meet you soon and we can enjoy many classes together.

Course Curriculum

Time: 10 weeks
Curriculum is empty